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Rebuilding Process

Please Direct all price inquiries to or contact us at 973-372-1559

Jesse J. Heap & Son has been rebuilding apparel related machinery for over 75 years. Purchasing a remanufactured machine from us will save you money without sacrificing the quality of your end product.

Each machine goes through a complete repair, rebuilding and testing process before shipment. [FAQ] A complete list available remanufactured machines are available online.

Wasatch Rip Software

Machines are completely taken apart. Epson Large Format Printers All parts and the machine outerbody are repainted.
Remanufactured machine Stripped
Rebuilt Machine Painted
Sublijet Dye Sublimation Inks

Any worn and broken parts are replaced with factory new replacements.

Astex Heat Transfer Printers All rebuilt machines are run and tested in our shop for several days before shipping

Rebuilt replacement parts

Electrical packages are upgraded and all belts are replaced with new ones.

Finished Product
Final Product