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Buying a remanufactured heat transfer press

Jesse J. Heap & Son has been servicing and rebuilding heat transfer presses since the early 1980's. We offer a wide selection of rebuilt heat transfer machines.

Heat Transfer Machine

Stripped outer body of press

Each press goes through an extensive rebuilding process where the machine is completely taken apart. All parts and the machine outer body are painted.

All rollers, bearings, and bushings are replaced with new parts. Any worn or broken parts will also be replaced with factory new replacements. Electrical packages (digital temperature controls) are upgraded and all teflon belts are replaced with new ones.

Heat Transfer Machine

Rotary Heat Transfer press

Once the rebuilding process is completed the machine is quality tested in our warehouse for several days.

Purchasing a used heat press is an excellent way to save money on your initial investment.

Heat Transfer Machine
Double Platen Heat Transfer Printing Press

These like-new machines are reliable and also include a warranty. And with 75 years of manufacturing experience, you also have the piece of mind knowing Jesse J Heap & Son will be available for service and support.

We offer financing options for flexible payment plans. In addition we have a list of references of former customers who have previously purchased rebuilt machines from us.

As with any refurbished machine, it is important to maintain and clean your equipment to ensure best results. Contact us for further details.