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High Quality Sublimation Inks at an Exceptional Value

Experienced large format dye sublimation printers want low cost trouble free inks. ArTainium2UV+ inks are high-quality sublimation inks designed to meet the coverage and color requirements of today's large format printers. These inks offer a cost-effective solution without sacrificing coverage and quality.

Artainium Highlights:

Low Cost Output

The Artainium2UV+ inks offer excellent value with consistent output and high quality color. Included with each Artainium system are standard color profiles designed to work directly with your printing platform - ensuring optimium printing speeds. When coupled with a bulk ink system these cost efficiencies are increased even further.

Longer UV Resistance

UV exposure on outdoor sublimation products can fade and reduce image quality over time. Side by side testing with competing inks have shown that the ArTainium2UV+ inks perform better over time when exposed to constant Ultra violet light. The inks greater resistance is partly due to the inks formulation process which produces higher density of dyes then typical ink manufacturers. This formulation also produces more vibrant color output - ask us for samples.

Faster Drying Times

For large format printers, drying is always an issue. That's why an ink that offers quicker drying time translates into faster production output.

What Large Format printers are compatible with Artainium Inks?

The Artainium2UV+ line of inks are designed for wide-format printers and are supported for use with the following production printers:

Visit our site for more information on Artainuim2UV+ which are now part of our Total Solution Dye Sub Package

Sublimation Package

Contact us or visit our site for more information on our complete total solution dye sublimation package.

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Get a FREE Sample

Learn how you can receive a FREE output sample printed with the Artainium2UV+ Inks. Call us at 973-372-1559 or email


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