Jesse J Heap & Son, Inc.

New Heat Press & Ink Dryers

  • Jesse J Heap & Son, Inc. introduces the AIT Wide Format Heat Press GFO Series. The system is targeted for large format printers including those in the home furnishing industry (curtains, drapes, etc) and wide-width dye sub banner printers.
  • The black body digital ink dryer now supports wide format printers up to 108″! Also the machines now have an optional Auto Shutoff. The Auto Shut Off monitors the temperature of the substrate and will turn off the dryer when the temperature reaches the threshold set by the operator.
  • Novice large format printers often question the benefit or necessity of using a third-party RIP software solution for dye sublimation printing. We attempt to answer that question with our Why RIP article.
  • We just received a large shipment of our best selling heat transfer press the AIT 1550-PA. We have over 100 customers who are using this press in production – it is our most reliable and productive system for mid-size applications including sublimation on gym bags, tote bags, backpacks, etc.
  • Artainium2 UV Sublimation InksSawgrass has introduced sublimation ink under the name ArTainium2UV+. These high quality inks offer good value and are available for mimaki or roland printers.