Jesse J Heap & Son, Inc.

Heat Transfer Press for digital printing of sports apparel

AIT Heat Transfer Press Model #7240

The AIT Heat Transfer Press Model #7240 is now available with a top feed design specifically for digital printing of sports apparel. In the traditional sublimation printing of sports apparel using offset printed transfer paper, 28” x 40” is a standard paper size. A front, a back, two sleeves and a collar can be fitted on to two sheets of the transfer paper. The 7240 can accommodate up to 44” paper width, so the width of the ink jet transfer paper needs to be 44” wide or less.

Model 7240, Top Loading (design up), complete with all standard features and:
-Steel stand
-Steel loading table, 45” x 30”
-Steel drop off tray, 45” x 30”
-Tissue Paper Unwind
-Tissue Paper rewind

Production Speed:
The speed of the 7240 machine is a little over 1 fpm at a 40 second dwell time. One sheet every 2.5 minutes is one complete garment every 5 minutes. There are 480 minutes in an 8 hour day. Considering set-up time, breaks etc, and production should be 75 to 80 garments per day.