Jesse J Heap & Son, Inc.

AIT 7240IJ Heat Transfer Press

Some things you may not know about the 7240IJ Heat Press:

  • It can be ordered as a “top feed” machine with a 30” length feed table, top unwind for tissue and a steel stand. The machine can now be “sheet” fed with the transfer side up for cut part registration. It works great for low production printed team wear.

Roll to Roll Ribbon Attachment for 7240IJ Heat Press

  • The new Narrow web attachments are working great too. Ribbons, straps, shoestrings. lanyards, belts, pet collars, etc can be continuously printed from ¼” wide to 29” wide.
  • The traditional roll to roll set up with stand and two unwinds is being used for flag and banners and team wear manufacturers.

More information and photos available here