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Bulk Ink Systems for Dye Sub Printing

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Jesse J Heap & Son now carries additional bulk ink systems beyond the Epson 7600/7800/9600/9800 and Mimaki JV4 Series. Here is a list of the additional bulk ink systems that are available:

  • Epson 4800
  • Epson 4000
  • Mutoh Falcon
  • Mimaki JV4 & JV22
  • Roland * See specific types supported below

Roland printer bulk ink systems support aqueous non-chipped printers from 4 to 12 colors.

We also carry 220ml cleaning cartridges to clean clogged heads.

Heat Press Video with Ribbon Attachment

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

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From the video:

The guides on the front are adjusted for the ribbon. The second set of guides are for the print paper. The tissue paper paper protect the belt and as always goes in first. You’ll see as it exits, the press paper wraps over the top of the bars to prevent ghosting.

You can see in this setup that the print paper is on the lollipops and the ribbon is coming from a box just below the lollipops. Here at the exit you can see the finish product as it is printed – a polka dot ribbon.

You can see the ribbon attachment simply clamps onto the front bar of the heat press stand to keep the attachment parallel. The collars on the front are used to align the paper with the ribbon product.

AIT 7240IJ Heat Transfer Press

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Some things you may not know about the 7240IJ Heat Press:

  • It can be ordered as a “top feed” machine with a 30” length feed table, top unwind for tissue and a steel stand. The machine can now be “sheet” fed with the transfer side up for cut part registration. It works great for low production printed team wear.

Roll to Roll Ribbon Attachment for 7240IJ Heat Press

  • The new Narrow web attachments are working great too. Ribbons, straps, shoestrings. lanyards, belts, pet collars, etc can be continuously printed from ¼” wide to 29” wide.
  • The traditional roll to roll set up with stand and two unwinds is being used for flag and banners and team wear manufacturers.

More information and photos available here

TexPrintXP-HR Sublimation Paper

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

We now carry a new TextPrintXP “High Release” Sublimation Paper that is well suited for today’s dye sublimation printers. Its features include:

– Less cockle while laying flatter on the printer
– Requires less ink while transferring more
– Ability to handle higher ink loads while maintaining higher definition prints

The new paper has been tested and proven with the Sawgrass Sublimation inks and is available as part of our Total Solutions Package for grand format printing.

Wasatch 6.3 Softrip Released

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Wasatch Dye Sublimation RIPVersion 6.3 of Wasatch SoftRIP has been released for sale and shipment.

Some of the key new features:

  • SoftRIP Templates – save prep time by defining templates for image layout and sizing. Ideal for any printing that requires consistent image placing and sizing – i.e. t-shirting printing and flatbed printing
  • Color Database capabilities for importing databases (users can import their own pantone data sets)
  • Color refinement allowing hue specifications in percentages
  • Halftoning method for use with grayscale print heads such as Xaar Omnidot
  • A “generic” Tiff output capability for simple printers that can be interfaced via a set of separated Tiff files.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available as part of our Dye Sublimation Total Solution Package.

Bulk Ink System – Priming Cartridges

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

We’ve added instructions for priming cartridges with our bulk ink system for wide format piezo printers including the Epson 7600/9600, 7800/9800 Series Printers & the Mimaki JV4 series.