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Thursday, January 1st, 2004

Dec 2004

Nov 2004

  • Added brochure for sign show that highlights the various substrates that sawgrass inks support.
  • Added Dye-Sublimation brochure for Altantic City Sign Show which highlights total solution package including sawgrass sublijet inks, wasatch softrip 5.1, epson 7600/9600 and AIT/ASTEX Heat Transfer Printing Equipment.
  • Added information about the Sawgrass Bulk Ink system for the Total Solution system.

Sept 2004

June 2004

Added several new folders for waistband operations.

One Piece Band in Rolls

Right Angle Waistband Folder
Collapsible Right Angle Waistband Folder
Variable Width Right Angle Waistband Folder
Waistband Binder

One Piece Band (w/ Elastic Insert)

Right Angle Waistband Folder with Elastic Insert
Right Angle Elastic Waistband Folder

Two Piece Rolls in Band

Two Piece Banding Folder
Collapsible Two Piece Waistband Folder

Banding with Short Pieces

Horn Type Waistband Folder (Long Style)
Horn Type Waistband Folder (Short Type)
Collapsible Horn Type Waistband Folder

Banding in Strips or Rolls

C Type Waistband Folder

Special Purpose Banders

Collapsible C Type Waistband Folder with Air Jet Feed
Bibbing & Banding Overalls
Two Piece Waistband Loop Attachment

Wasitband Curtain Folders

Waistband Curtain Folder

May 2004

Additional video demonstrations for the following heat transfer printing equipment:

Apr 2004

Mar 2004

Jan 2004