Jesse J Heap & Son, Inc. Located in Irvington, NJ
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  Top Products AIT/Astex Apparel Machinery

New Astex Apparel Machinery

Heat Transfer Machinery

Offer a wide range of platen and rotary heat transfer equipment to
fit your every production need.

Fusing Machinery

The world's most complete line of fusing machines.

Inspection & Measuring Machines

Designed in order to prevent problems
and cost increases that may arise in sewing departments of apparel
industry due to production faults in the fabric.

Laminating Systems

For Dry Laminating of:
Fabric To Foam
Fabric to Fabric
Fabric to FiberGlass
Film to Fabric, etc.

Unwinds & Rewinds

Carts, racks, trucks and storage devices

Includes rolling carts,
racks, trucks and other equipment to serve the production and service needs of today's retail, manufacturing and distribution

Accessories for Fusing Machines

Includes Welding Guns, Belt Cleaners, Temperature Strips, and high temperature belting.