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  Top Products Heat Transfer Machines Model PTA-950

Metalnox Model PTA-950

Fully-Automatic Platen Heat Press

Large format printing - 27" x 39"

Swing Away Heat Transfer Press


  • Standard 27"x 39" Print Area
  • Digital Temperature and timer controls
  • Optional vaccuum system for reducing ghosting
  • Applications - sports and fashion garments.

The PTA-950 fully automatic heat press is ideal for large format sublimation printing up to 27" x 39" (70 cm x 100 cm). It offers high production priced at an attractive price point.

The heat press includes an optional patented vacuum system that fulls eliminates ghosting issues (bleeding of images due to contact of the paper with fabric).

Vacuum System for reducing Ghosting


Length Width Height
190 cm
155 cm
160 cm

PTA-950 Measurements (mm)


Model PTA-950
Platen Size 27" x 39"
(70cm x 100cm)
Voltage 220V
Temperature 0 - 450 F
Amperage (A) 33.7
Net Weight

With Option Vacuum
1036 lbs
(470 kg)

Without Option Vacuum
974 lbs
(442 kg)

For Sales Contact:
P: 973-372-1559
F: 973-372-1929