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Laminating Systems

Our laminating machines are used for dry laminating of fabric to foam, fiberglass, film or other fabrics. Below represent a sampling of our best selling machines. We offer a complete line of systems available along with several low priced refurbished laminating presses. More information about our laminating systems available here.

AIT/Astex 361 Powder Coater

The Astex Model 361 Powder Coater is ideal modular unit for dispensing dry, heat-activated powder used in coating and laminating applications. The powder coater, which is available in widths from 40 inches to 100 inches, has powder hopper with movable side walls which are used to set the width of the powder application to match that of the moving web. The side walls can be adjusted from the coater's full-width capacity down to zero width.

For use on the Astex 6800 Series or stand-alone.

AIT/Astex 6800 Series Laminating System

The Astex 6800 Series of Fusing/Laminating machines is a wide width, heavy duty machine with 50% greater heat capacity and longer heated chamber than comparatively priced machines.

Send us your Samples
Send us a sample roll of your laminate and we will run it through our laminators to help determine which machine best fits your needs.


Turbo-Goliath Film/Fabric Laminating Press

AIT/Astex 295 Turbo-Goliath Film/Fabric Laminating Machine

For over 20 years, the Turbo-Goliath has served the lamination needs of the emblem industry. Its large electrically heated platen allows for up to 70" wide fabric. Designed specifically for post lamination of multiple layers, the Turbo-Goliath Laminating machine will also pre-laminate at a production rate of approximately 9 FPM.

AIT/Astex 2000 Table Top Laminating Machine

The Astex 2000 Series is standard in 24" belt width. A large lay-up table top, bottom heat control and adjustable Silicone Pressure Rollers make this system especially adaptable for Roll-to-Roll applications such as Film to Fabric Lamination, etc...


AIT/Konsan L2 Laminator

The L2 laminator has Six Zone Heating that can be adjusted separately to provide high quality bonding and provides even pressure distribution to provide homogenous bonding

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Laminating Machine Applications
Laminating Machines be utilized in a wide range of industries. Below are examples of some of the applications where laminators have significant advantages.
Textiles and Garments
Military Defense
Household Applications
General and industrial