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AIT/Astex Heat Transfer Presses


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Large Format Platen Presses (24" to 120")
Heat Transfer Press

Ideal for:


AIT/Astex Model 1112
Table Top Heat Transfer Press

The Astex 1112 is a semi-automatic Heat Press with a unique Electro-Magnetic pressure system to relieve operator fatigue. The heated platen size is 20" x 44" making this an ideal machine for dye-sublimation operations on small format flags and banners. The AIT/Astex 1112 is CE certified and will meet or exceed worldwide safety and efficiency standards.

AIT/Astex Model 165CR
Heat Transfer Press

The 165CR Heat Press features large electrically heated platen sizes to allow for full width strike-offs and large sheet printing of parts. Time, temperature and pressure settings are all adjustable and fully automatic.

Table Top Platen Fusing/Transfer Machine

AIT/Astex Model 162CR/354CR
Heat Transfer Machine

The Astex 162/354 Table Top Platen Fusing/Transfer Printing Machine is standard with top heat and is ideal for fusing, sublimation printing of sports apparel, and film laminating. Equipped with a preset timer, the heated platen automatically releases as the dwell time expires.

A regulator allows easily adjustable platen pressure with temperature control maintained by digital thermostat. Productivity is doubled with the reciprocating tray by providing a loading tray while the original tray is cycling.

AIT/Astex Model 1600
Heat Transfer Machine / Fusing

The Astex Model 1600 is a fully automatic large format Heat transfer printing System specifically designed for Dye Sublimation Printing of Carpet Tiles, Cermaics, Wood, Plastics, and Cut Apparel Parts. The heated upper platen automatically indexes from one station to the other.

Metalnox Model EL-800
Heat Transfer Press - 20 x 28"

The EL-800 Metalnox Sliding Draw Heat Press is an affordable solution for dye-sublimation printers operating in a short-run production environment. With today's customers demanding quicker turnaround and smaller print jobs, the EL-800 sturdy construction and ergonomic design is well-suited to meet their needs.

Heat transfer machine

AIT/Astex Model 165
Heat Transfer Equipment

The Astex Model 165 offers transfer printing with even temperature and even pressure across printing surface. The reciprocating trays permit loading and unloading while printing cycle underway. It prints oversided parts or several small parts in one cycle.

Double Platen Heat Press

AIT 120CR/240CR
Heat Transfer Printing

The AIT 120CR/240CR pnuemtatic shuttle heat transfer press is available in two platen sizes 30x40 & 40 x 60. The heat press features two large pneumatic pressure cylinders and 3 zone heat control making these models a cost effective solution for dye-sub projects including sports apparel, flags & banners.

Small Format Pneumatic Platen Presses

Double Platen Heat Press

IN STOCK and Ready to Ship!

AIT/Astex Model 1550-PA
Heat Transfer Printing

The Astex 1550-PA is a fully automatic heat transfer printing press designed for maximum productivity with materials ranging from soft T-shirts to hard ceramic tiles. The printing cycle is automatically activated by a foot pedal switch. The heated press head automatically moves into position, drops, and presses for pre-set dwell time. Operator movement is limited to loading and unloading operations thereby reducing fatigue and maximizing production

Top Platen Heat Transfer Press
15" x 19" Platen Size

AIT/Astex Model 1350-PM
Heat Transfer Equipment

The Astex Model 1350-PM Pneumatic Heat Press includes a 16" x 20" platen size, swing-away heated platen for easy on-and-off loading, and pneumatic pressure system which provides accurate pressure of up to 22psi. This model also includes digital time and temperature regulation. Bottom platen is interchangeable to accommodate smaller plate sizes. Also available in manual model.


Double Platen Heat Press

No Air Required to Operate!

AIT/Astex Model 1550-PM
Heat Transfer Equipment

The AIT/Astex 1550-PM, is a dual platen, two-button close transfer printing press designed for maximum productivity with materials ranging from soft T-shirts to hard ceramic tiles. A fully automatic version model 1550-PA is also available.

This heat press is designed for maximum productivity with materials ranging from soft T-shirts to hard ceramic tiles.

Small Format Electronic Platen Presses

Ait Heat press

No Air Required to Operate!

AIT Rev 2 Heat Press
Electronic Heat Press

The AIT Rev 2 Heat press is entirely electronic and requires no air. All functions are controlled with a patented electronic system that provides adjustable time, temperature and pressure controls with the push of a button.

Double Platen Heat Press

No Air Required to Operate!

1550E Double Platen Transfer Press
Heat Transfer Printing

The AIT/Astex #1550E heat press is entirely electronic and requires no air. All fuinctions are contrtolled with a patented electonic system that priovices adjustable time, temperature and pressure.


Special Application Label and Small Transfer Presses (Pneumatic)
Sublimation Heat Press

AIT/Astex Model 1211PA
Sublimation Heat Press

Pneumatically operated heat press especially suited for the automatic application of small transfers (flock , flex, thermoplastic and formatex). Features include foot pedal operation and an automatic safety device which raises the platen instantly if necessary. The feed system can be regulated to accomodate various sizes of transfers between 25 x 25 mm and 100 x 100 mm.

Heat Seal Label Press

AIT/Astex Model 1224PA
Heat Seal Label Press

Especially suited for automatic application of roll transfers, the new A.I.T 1224PA Automatic Heat Seal Label Press is a pneumatically opreated heat press. The heat press includes food pedal operation and automatic positioning of transfers by an infra-red photocell.


6 Station Heat Transfer Presses

AIT/Astex Multi-Station Carousel
Multi-Station Carousel Heat Transfer Printer

The Astex CA1000 features six independent stations with separate control of time, temperature and pressure. Each bottom loading platform indexes in and out of the heat zone for ease of loading

The exclusive 'Mica Heat Matte' assues quick recovery and consistent operating temperatures across the entire surface of the heated platen.


Small Format Manual Presses
16" x 20" or 20" x 25" Heat Press

Swing Away Press

Swingman Heat Press
Small Format Manual Press

The Swingman is a cost-effective manual swing-away heat press that maintains a high level of quality combined with technology. The Swingman is equipped with a standard 16"x20" or 20" x 25" platen and digital temperature/timer controls.


Large Format Rotary Drum Machines
7360/7372 IJO SPORT

7360/7372 IJO SPORT
Rotary Heat Transfer Machines

The new oil heated 7360/7372 IJO SPORT rotary heat press has been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for cut part digital printing.This method is widely used to print sport and team apparel.The new oil heating system guarantees a uniform heat distribution across the width of the drum with a minimum of energy consumtion. This system uses 50% less energy than electrically heated presses. The 8 (20 cm) diameter drum is suitable in production speed for digital printing.



Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

Up to 126" Dye Sublimation Printing

AIT/Astex GFO Series
Grand Format Heat Press

The new GFO Series Rotary Transfer System is targeted for large format printers including those in the home furnishing and wide-width banner printing industries

The heat press includes a number of standard features that are not available or sold as options on competitives presses.

Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

Up to 77 " Dye Sublimation Printing

AIT 6572 Heat Press
For Cut Part Printing

The AIT 6572 CPO is specifically designed for digital dye sub printing of apparel and other industries that
require cut part, engineered prints.

A new self contained, oil heated drum system assures uniform heat across the width of the cylinder and the lowest possible power consumption.

7400 Hi Speed Heat Press

AIT/Astex Model 7400
Heat Transfer Machine

The Astex 7400 Hi Speed printer is equipped with efficient unroll and re-roll handling systems for both fabric and paper. Separate blotting tissue handling controls dye contamination. Exact temperature regulation. Drum diameter is 24" (60 cm).

Roll to Roll Heat Transfer Machine

AIT/Astex Model 7500CE
Heat Transfer Machine

The Astex 7500CE is available with a roll-to-roll option, making it the perfect machine for rotogravure and electrostatically printed paper. Even temperature distribution is maintained across the width of the heated drum with three zone heat control. The large 24" diameter drum assures high production capabilities.

Model 7300IJ Ink Jet Sublimation Technology
Zoned Heat Control

Automatic Rewind Systems

Printing Speeds up to 3 fpm

Astex/AIT Model 7300IJ
Heat Transfer Machine

The Astex Model 7300IJ series is specifically desgned for the ever increasing demand for Ink Jet Dye-Sublimation Transfer Technology.

This heat press unit does NOT require a compressed air unit. Its belt tracking system is electronically controlled, and the belt widths are available in 75" and 63".

7360IJ Video Demonstration Available


Hi Speed Continous Heat Transfer Machine

AIT/Astex Model 7616
Heat Transfer Machine

The Astex Model 7616 is a Hi Speed printer designed for continuous printing of elastic bands, ribbon, or small format roll-to-roll printing. Exact temperature regulation, individual unroll guides and separate unroll/reroll system for blotting tissue ensure high quality.

Specially engineered to meet the demands for Ink Jet Dye-Sublimation Transfer Technology.

Rotary Heat Transfer Machine
Printing widths up to 72"

AIT/Astex Model 8900
Heat Transfer Machine

The Grand Format Heat Press Model 8900 is a rotary heat transfer system for roll-to-roll fabric printing with printing widths of 60" or 72". It's ideal for large format sublimation printers.

Heat Transfer Equipment
Ideal for thick substrates

AIT/Astex Model 7000
Heat Transfer Equipment

The Astex Rotary is designed specifically to accommodate the large size heat transfer papers. The large 36" (90 cm) diameter is ideal for printing thick substrates such as carpeting and thermal plastics.


Rotary Heat Transfer Machine
Printing widths up to 72"

AIT/Astex Model 7360/7372
Heat Transfer Machine

The 7300IJO rotary heat press for dye-sub is an upgraded version of its moderately priced, high value, Model 7300IJ.

Rotary Heat Transfer Machine
Printing widths up to 128 "

AIT/Astex Model LFO/GFO
Heat Transfer Machine

High productivity, quality engineering design and conscientious after-the sale service are all good reasons for investing in this heat press for all needs in dye-sublimation printing or textile dye fixation.



AIT Heat Press

AIT/Astex Model 7240 IJO
Table Top Fabric Printer

The new 7240 IJO, like the larger 7300 IJO, is equipped with a self contained oil heated drum that is specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for high quality ink jet dye-sublimation transfer technology. The 7240 is also perfectly suitable for print fixation on direct printed textiles.

Rebuilt Heat Presses

We also offer rebuilt heat transfer machines that are affordable and reliable. For our updated inventory listing click here.

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