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AIT/Astex Fusing Machines

Use our fusing machine finder to help narrow your choices based on your production requirements.
Continuous Belt Fabric Fusing Presses
Astex Model 2124 - Fusing Machine

AIT/Astex Model 2000SC
Fusing Machinery

The Astex 2000 Series is available in 8", 16" and 24" belt widths. The open side design allows large parts with partial interlinings to pass easily through the machine. A large lay-up table, top and bottom heat and adjustable silicone pressure rollers make this model especially adaptable to folders and roll-to-roll applications such as waistbands, belt loops, etc.

Astex Model 5363 Fusing Press

AIT/Astex Model 5363
Fusing Machinery

With a 63" belt, the Astex 5363SC is an upgraded and lower cost version of the Astex 5200SC Series. The system is capable of roll-to-roll fusing and has 4-zone heat control and 62" long heat chamber. The advanced heating system assures a soft flexible fused assembly, maintaining fabric structure and avoiding shrinkage or fading, while it provides absolute control of the adhesive resins on any type of interlining selected.

Astex Model 3000SC - Fusing Machine

AIT/Astex Model 3024SC
Fabric Fusing Press

The AIT/Astex 3000 fills the void between low production, platen presses and the large and expensive high pressure conveyorized. Top and bottom heat, precise speed control, and air operated high pressure system.

Astex Model 5200SC - Fusing Machine

AIT/Astex Model 5200SC
Fusing Machinery

Designed specifically for high production speeds and low temperature fusing of sportswear. The combination of top and bottom conductive heat application with precise speed and pressure control, assures quality results on all fused assemblies.

Astex Model 9000 - Fusing Machine

AIT/Astex Model 9000SC
Fusing Machine

A dual-use fusing and laminating system that is in a class of its own. The ultimate in the control of time, temperature, and pressure is achieved through the longest contact heat chamber available. Also includes Seven zone temperature control and tandem pressure rollers.

Astex Model 6800 - Fusing Machine

AIT/Astex Model 6800SC
Fusing/Laminating Machines

A wide width, heavy duty fusing machine with 50% greater heat capacity and longer heater chamber than competitively priced machines. Longer heated length and 6 zone heat control permits high production speeds with absolute fusing security.

High Pressure Fabric Fusing
Astex Model 289 - Fusing Machine

AIT/Astex Model 289
Fusing Press

Safe and simple, high pressure fusing for smaller production (100 -125 doz./day). Delivers up to 45 PSI with unique pneumatic mechanical lever pressure closing system. Rapid response heating elements.

162/354 - Fusing Machine/ Heat Transfer

AIT/Astex Model 162/354
Fusing Machine / Heat Transfer

A general purpose platen press, standard with top heat, is ideal for fusing and film laminating. A preset timer automatically releases platen when dwell time expires. Adjustable time, temperature and pressure controls.


Rebuilt Fusing Machines

Remanufactured Fusing/Laminating Presses are available for greater cost savings. All rebuilt machines go through an extensive rebuilding process. Check our other rebuilt machinery index for a comprhensive listing of all rebuilt apparel machinery.

We also stock an extensive line of Unwind/Rewind equipment for high production continuous requirements.