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Wasatch SoftRIP TX for Textile Printing

Great Color with Textile Printing

Wasatch SoftRip TX

Developed exclusively for the needs of textile printers and heat transfer printers, SoftRIP for Textile Printing is equipped with a powerful suite of tools that allow you to produce superior digital fabric output without wasted media and time.

Wasatch SoftRIP TX is an advanced print and color management solution that ensures quality output on both fabric and other medias.

Frequently Asked Questions

Developed exclusively for textile printers and heat transfer printers, its production tools satisfy the needs of beginners and experts alike.

With SoftRIP TX you get cutting edge features to put power in your printing. What is a RIP and why do I need one?

Wasatch Color Atlas Generator

New Color Atlas Generator

Enables you to match color accurately on any fabric or media.

  • Customize sample patches to print based on specific situations and needs.
  • Print the atlas on your target fabric.
  • Reproduce exact colors easily. Just pick a swatch and enter the RGB value into SoftRIP.
  • The total solution package includes several pre-packaged color profiles for use with Wasatch Softrip.


Manage Colorways

Get instant, accurate feedback for your colorways on your target fabric or media.

  • Process typical CAD output such as index TIFF files
  • Easy, intuitive user interface for color selection and management.
  • Store unlimited colorways for future use.
Target Fabric

Put the Flow in Workflow

Sublimation management software

Efficient, Seamless Repeats

  • Save computer time, memory, and money by efficiently printing endless repeats.
  • Real-time processing reduces file sizes from gigabytes to kilobytes.
  • Advanced re-sampling and halftoning algorithms create seamless repeats
  • Customize your repeats with advanced controls

Fully Compatible

The Wasatch Soft RIP is FULLY compatibly with both the Epson Stylus Pro 7800 and Stylus Pro 9800. No additional drivers or add-ons are required.

Jesse J. Heap & Son is an authorized Wasatch Dealer.

Full Compatible - Epson, Wasatch, SawGrass

New Variable Printing Add-on

With the optional variable printing add-on operators can easily create multiple versions of prints for jobs that require changing text or graphics. (i.e. customize uniforms with players number and name)

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