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Dye Sub Printer Profile - Quaker Chroma

Quaker Chroma Quick Facts

Location: Moorestown, NJ
Contact: 215-922-4444

Services Offered: Grand Format Dye Sublimation Fabric Printing, Photographic Prints & Services, General Print, Scans, & Laminating & Mounting

Customers often ask us if we do contract sublimation printing and we often refer them to Quaker Chroma Imaging (QCI) in Moorestown, NJ right across the river from Philadelphia.

Quaker Chroma equips their 20,000 sq. ft facility with the latest dye sublimation technology and their staff is well trained in dye-sublimation printing. They offer dye sublimating printing up to 10 feet wide and unlimited in length for a wide variety of applications including flags, banners, trade show backdrops, table screens and more. They are the only company in the area who offer dye sublimation printing at the grand format size.

Dye Sub Fabric Print
Dye Sublimation Fabric Backdrop

And because they are using dye sublimation inks, their prints are durable enough for outside use and will stand up to multiple washes.

You can submit your digital prints via email, ftp or via their pickup service.

QCI has produced signage for the Andrew Wyeth Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia’s Sunoco Welcome America! Festival and donated all signage for the 2006 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Sublimation Fabric Printer
Tradeshow and Display Graphics