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TexPrint XP-HR High Release Dye Sublimation Paper

TexPrint XP-HR Paper Quick Facts

Recommended for Dye Sublimation Printing

Product Names: TexPrintXP-HR & TexPrintXP-HR Plus
Sizes Available: 24" to 104"
Length: 110' or 250', 275' or 393'
Printers Supported: Epson, Roland, Muthoh, Mimaki, JV2,JV3,JV4
Special Sizes Available - minimums apply.

Customers sometimes overlook the paper when setting up a dye sublimation system. So much time is spent researching the right heat press and inks, that paper is often a last minute buying decision. Also, some customers assume that paper is paper and it all is equal.

This is never the case. Paper plays a critical role in the final output quality of your sublimated product. Paper also can affect your ink costs, production time, and final color accuracy of your final product.

TexPrintXP-HR print media provides an excellent choice for high quality output. If you want consistent performance while maintaining rich color tone, TexPrintXP-HR media has proven performance.

TexPrintXP-HR media is engineered with a silicate coating to give superior output on irregular substrates. Additional TexPrintXP-HR has been thoroughly tested and approved by Sawgrass for use with Artainium and Sublijet Inks.

TexPrintXP-HR paper is designed to resist cockling during inkjet printing, dry quickly to the touch and rewind without wet-transfer. It also designed to work well on both hard and soft substrates.

The TexPrintXP-HR line of paper is available for desktop and large format jbos. In the large format category there are two versions the TexPrintXP-HR Standard and TexPrintXP-HR Plus.

TexPrintXP-HR Plus (24" to 96")

TexPrintXP-HR Plus is a heavier weight paper and is specially designed to handle heavy ink loads without cockling. It's recommended for heavy duty large format printing including banners and large format posters beyond 64" in width.

The TexPrintXP-HR Plus line is recommended with Mimaki JV4 - JV3, Roland Pro II and Mutoh Falcon II/Viper printers and comes in the following sizes:

TexPrintXP Standard (24" to 64")

The TexPrintXP Standard line is available from 24" to 104" width and is available in 110ft/rl or 393ft/rl length. The 110' ft length is recommended for Epson, Mutoh and Roland printers:

The 393ft roll is recommended for Hi-Fi Jet, Mimaki JV2 and Mutoh Falcon II printers.

TexPrint THERMO-TACk 100gsm