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Large Format Mutoh RJ 900X




-Prints on a wide range of media up to 42.5 inches wide
-Simple learning curve and easy to navigate control panel
-Speeds up to 676 sqft/hr (360x360 dpi draft mode)
-New print and effect mode
-Manually adjusted pressure roller control feature
-Supports aqueous and pigmented ink types
-Media stand and catch basket
-Variable drop-on demand piezo drive method
-One year limited warranty

Coupled with Sawgrass Inks the Mutah RJ900X or The Mimaki JV-33130 are well suites for high demand commercial applications.


-Full color banners, pennants, flags
-Point of purchase banners, signage, displays skirting, carpeting, graphics, etc.
-Ceramic tile wall murals and interior signs
-Snow skis & boards, cycling helmets, in-line skates water sports equipments
-Gaming tables, chips, shot glasses, etc
-Unisub wood & plastic, clipboards, plaques, signage, message boards, table tops, etc.
-Microfiber based sports apparel, jerseys, shirts, swimsuits, jackets, tote bags, etc.

The Mutah RJ900 or the Mimaki JV-33-130 combined with Sawgrass dye-sub inks Provide a commercially-oriented transfer solution that allows for vibrant, full color transfers, higher print resolutions (up to 1440 dpi), economical ink consumption and flexibility in printing sizes.

These solutions are ideal for high demand commercial applications, large graphics or for high-capacity output.

NOTE: For printing jobs larger than 54" we offer Minmaki JV-33-160 or JC-33-180 printers.

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