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Large Format Ink Dryer
Tired of wet transfer paper slowing down production?

The portable Black Body® Large Format Ink Dryer is designed to gently dry inks as the media exits the printer.

This dryer is well suited for wide format roll to roll dye-sublimation printing that requires printed transfer paper to be rolled up and taken to the rotary Heat Press.

Customers have found this dryer especially useful with the Mimaki JV4 printers during unattended runs. The dryer applies even heat distribution to ensure the dye sublimation inks are fully cured - this prevents wrinkling, ink splotches and ensures an accurate reproduction of your image.

The new optional auto shutoff is a key feature for delicate substrates that require regulated heat. It monitors the temperature of the substrate and will turn off the dryer when the temperature reaches the threshold set by the operator.

Ink Jet Dryer

Dryer Frequently Asked Questions

Available in sizes - 54", 64", 72", 90" & 108"

Digital Ink Dryer

Available as part of our total solution dye sublimation package.


  • Portable - equipped with 4 caster wheels
  • Compatible with most wide format printers
  • Immediate drying for printed media without circulating air
  • Available in Sizes - 54", 64", 72", 90" & 108"
  • Solid State Temperature Control
  • 10 ft Cord
  • Available in 120 or 220 volt
  • Optional Auto shutoff to protect substrates
Dryer Measurements
Inkjet Dryer Measurement

When ordering be prepared to answer the following question:

  • How wide is the material you will be printing on?
  • How fast is your typical print speed (either in feet per minute or feet per hour)
  • What type of printer are you using? (electrostatic printer or inkjet printer - be prepared with manufacturer's name and model)
  • Will you be printing direct to material or by dye-sublimation?