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Sublimation Heat Transfer Presses

Jesse J. Heap & Son offers a wide variety of sublimation printing systems suited for dye-sublimation heat transfer printing.

Astex/AIT Heat Transfer printers feature the capability to transfer dye sublimation images to polyester and polyester coated fabrics, films, ceramic tiles and many other substrates.

Heat Transfer Press FAQ
The Astex Heat transfer machines are divided into two types - Platen Type Tranfer Presses and Rotary Drum Transfer Presses. Below is a sampling of our most popular presses.

Use our heat transfer press finder to help narrow your choices based on your printing requirements.

Semi-Automatic Heat Transfer Machines
Equipped with Electromagnetic Pressure System
Rotary Heat Transfer Machine
For Continuous Roll to Roll Printing

Astex Model 1112
Table Top Heat Transfer Press

The Astex 1112 is a semi-automatic Heat Press with a unique Electro-Magnetic pressure system to relieve operator fatigue. The heated platen size is 20" x 44" making this an ideal machine for small format flags and banners. The Astex 1112 is CE certified and will meet or exceed worldwide safety and efficiency standards.

Ideal for Flags and Banners

Video demonstration available

Astex Model 7900T
Heat Transfer Machine

The Astex 7900T Rotary Heat Transfer Printing Machine supports transfers onto a wide variety of materials, producing high quality images up to 120 inches wide at operating speeds of 2 to 5 fpm (.6 to 1.5 m/m)

The Astex 7900T will transfer images from Electrostatic Printed Transfer Paper or traditional Offset and Screen Printed Paper utilizing Sublimation Ink.

Rotary Heat Transfer Printer

Video Demonstration of the Astex 7900T

Rotary Drum Heat Transfer Printing Machines

Astex Model 7300IJ
Sublimation Printing System

The Astex Model 7300IJ series is specifically desgned for the ever increasing demand for Ink Jet Dye-Sublimation Transfer Technology.

This heat press unit does NOT require a compressed air unit. Its belt tracking system is electronically controlled, and the belt widths are available in 75" and 63".

7360IJ Video Demonstration Available

Zoned Heat Control

Automatic Rewind Systems

Printing Speeds up to 3 fpm

Ideal for large format

AIT/Astex Model 7240IJ
Table Top Fabric Printer

The Astex 7240IJ opens the door to Dye-Sub printed soft signage for all sign makers. Quality dye-sub printing of fabrics is now available at an affordable price.

Features include multi- zone heat control, 6" diameter drum, adjustable pressure and E-Z track belt guidance system. Printing width is up to 40" (1 meter) and endless in length. The 7240IJ requires 220V, 1 phase power. No air is required. Approximate size is 60" w x 18" d x 16" h.

7240IJ Video Demonstration Available

Heat Transfer Presses
Equipped with Push-Button or Foot Pedal Operation

Heat Transfer Printer with Pneumatic Operation by Two-Button Close

Ideal for range of high pressure substrates

Astex Model 1350-PM
T-Shirt and Cap Heat Transfer Printer

The Astex Model 1350-PM Table Top Platen Heat Transfer Printing Machine is engineered for high pressure productivity with a wide range of substrates including soft t-shirts to hard ceramic tiles.

Standard features include, 16" x 20" platen size, swing-away heated platen for easy on-and-off loading, and pneumatic pressure system which provides accurate pressure of up to 22psi. This model also includes digital time and temperature regulation. Bottom platen is interchangeable to accommodate smaller plate sizes.

Heat Transfer Printer Dual Platens, Foot Pedal, Programmable

Video Demonstration Available

Astex Model 1550-PA
Heat Transfer Printing

The Astex 1550-PA is a fully automatic heat transfer printing press designed for maximum productivity with materials ranging from soft T-shirts to hard ceramic tiles. The printing cycle is automatically activated by a foot pedal switch. The heated press head automatically moves into position, drops, and presses for pre-set dwell time. Operator movement is limited to loading and unloading operations thereby reducing fatigue and maximizing production.