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Ergosoft PosterPrint RIP

Ideal for wide and grand format printing

Ergosoft PosterPrint RIP Software offers an industrial-level solution for producing high quality and consistent dye-sub prints. With its performance, speed and functionality, Ergosoft PosterPrint is ideally suited for large and grand format printers.

Tired of inconsistent color output?

Most any company can compete for business on price, but with Ergosoft PosterPrint, you can also offer a superior product. PosterPrint offers several features for maintaining accurate color reproduction and image fidelity while maximizing your production volume and job consistency.

Wide Format Dye Sub RIP Software

Ergosoft Dye Sublimation RIP Software

Sawgrass, AIT, Wasatch & ErgoSoft

Preferred RIP Partner

Like Wasatch, the Ergosoft RIP package has been extensively tested by Sawgrass and is fully supported for use with their line of sublimation inks. Sawgrass provides ready made ICC profiles for PosterPrint on the Mimaki JV4 and Roland PRO II printers. Technical support is also provided, when the software is used with Sawgrass sublimation inks.


User-Friendly Solution

Most wide-format printers find Postprint easy to use - its graphical user interface is similar to today's graphics programs. Users find it intuitive to navigate and easy to accomplish tasks like creating seperations, variable data printing with Varifly, and auto-spot color replacement.

Printer Flexibility with the latest technology

Ergosoft Posterprint supports a wide variety of major printers including Epson, Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, Seiko, Canon, HP, and Encad. PosterPrint v12 also supports leading-edge technologies such as digital garment printing from Mimaki and Sawgrass.

Ideal for Wide Format Printing

Ergosoft features are attractive to many printers in the sign industry for wide or grand format print jobs. Fast RIP processing enables high production output while PosterPrint’s intuitive interface, ink saving features, and intelligently designed workflow help maximize productivity. One notably feature of the software is its ability to perform RIP processing in the background, allowing you to continue creating further jobs as it RIPs.

In today's competitive market, maximizing productivity and saving money are essential. PosterPrint is designed with these competitive pressures in mind.

Ergosoft Product of the Year

Award Winning Software

In 2004 and 2005, ErgoSoft RIPs have won over ten of the digital printing industry's top printing awards, including three DPI Product of the Year Awards and six DIMA Shoot-out Awards.

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