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Color Management with Sublimation Inks

In order to accurately reproduce your designs it's important to have a good color management system in place. Part of the total solution package includes a set of profiles to ensure you get accurate and predictable results.

What is Color Management?

Scanners, applications, monitors, and printers all reproduce colors differently. In order to properly manage these color inconsistencies a set of color specifications have been developed by the ICC (International Color Consortium).

The ICC is a body of approximately 70 vendors who have developed a set of color specifications to ensure images are accurately reproduced across operating systems and applications.

Sawgrass has used these standards to produce a set of ICC profiles that are optimized to work in combination with the Epson printer, substrate, ink, paper, Wasatch RIP and your image's resolution.

color gamut

This 3d graph represents the range of reproducible colors for an output device.

The total solution package includes these color profiles to enable you to get accurate color reproduction right off the bat. This saves time and cost of having to experiment with creating your own color profiles.

Color Management
Color management with Sawgrass's ICC color profiles reproduces accurate color representations of your original image.