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DFP-74 Direct-to-Fabric Printing System

Direct Dye-Sublimation System

Table Top Heat Transfer Press

HeatWave - A Complete Direct-to-Fabric Printing Solution
Based on Roland’s HeatWave sublimation technology, the new HeatWave DFP-74 direct-to-fabric digital printer is a complete solution that enables printing directly onto polyester fabrics and other substrates for flawless results.

The system features precision media handling components and an advanced on-board sublimation unit that together ensure outstanding image quality and rich, saturated colors for flags, banners, textiles and soft signage that maintain their natural drape and texture.

Featuring eight advanced piezo print heads and Roland’s Precision Firing Pattern™, the DFP prints at up to 548 sqft/hr producing outstanding image quality through the longest production runs. Maximize your production workflow with roll-to-roll operation and unattended printing.

DFP-74 Direct to Fabric Digital Printing System
  • Produce flags, banners, textiles and soft signage with a single system
  • Print directly onto coated or uncoated polyester fabrics
  • No need for transfer paper or separate heat press
  • High Capacity Bulk Ink System – ideal for unattended printing and lower production costs
  • On Board Sublimation System bonds the printed image to the fabric resulting in a permanent, durable image that cannot be rubbed or washed off.
  • Blazing Speed – up to 548 sqft/hr

High Capacity Bulk Ink System
Designed specifically to meet the demands of high-volume shops, the system supports long, unattended production runs and lower production costs. The Intelligent Ink Monitoring System monitors ink levels and prompts users when levels run low. A clear LED display makes it easy to track ink usage.

HeatWave SBL-2 Sublimation Ink
SBL2 is Roland’s most advanced HeatWave disperse dye sublimation ink formulation to date, delivering exceptional color gamut and fastness to sublimated graphics. SBL2’s ultra-fine dot pattern ensures flawless, even ink coverage and deep, rich colors. SBL2 inks cost an average of just $.11/sqft ($.07/sqft for low saturation images and $.16/sqft for high saturation images).

Automated Maintenance
With the DFP-74, an Automated Intelligent Maintenance System comes standard and automatically performs routine maintenance, eliminating many time-consuming manual maintenance tasks. This unique system actively monitors the printer and adjusts maintenance intervals accordingly. As a result, manual cleaning around the head and capping station is recommended just once every two weeks. In addition, the DFP-74 can be left unattended for extended periods of time without drying ink or clogging print heads.

Media Handling System
The HeatWave DFP-74 is equipped with an intelligent media handling system that communicates directly with the printer’s main board to ensure complete control of the media. The system features two precision stepping motors and synchronized dancing rollers that automatically fine tune the media feeding process to ensure precise movements with every pass of the print head. Also a special cork covered cylinder can be used when printing on stretchable fabrics such as Lycra®, spandex and other sports textiles.

On Board Sublimation
Once the fabric has been printed, the fabric passes over a rotating temperature-controlled heated calender equipped with an infrared thermometer. This design ensures that consistent heat is maintained across the entire calender surface resulting in consistent, accurate color. This advanced system monitors every phase of the heating process and makes adjustments to the temperature automatically to ensure images cure quickly and evenly.

Powerful Roland VersaWorks RIP Software
Roland VersaWorks RIP offers advanced features including a new Max Impact color management preset, the Roland Color Matching System for spot color matching and variable data printing for easy custom prints with variable data. The Max Impact preset produces deeper, more vivid blues and reds, the fundamental colors for outdoor graphics, while preserving the overall color balance required for beautiful, photorealistic images. Built on an Adobe Postscript 3 engine, VersaWorks is compatible with Windows® XP Professional, 2000 and Windows Vista™.



Model Printing Resolution Printing Width Media Width Dimensions Power Requirements
DFP-74 720 dpi x 720 dpi

73.6 in (1869 mm)

28 to 74 in (710 to 1879 mm) 30" (D) x 140" (W) x 51.5" (H) Printer: AC 120~240 +/- 10% 50/60 Hz 2A