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L. Pleat Gauge

Pleat Guage


301-LSan-2 (Modified - Inverted)

Used for decorative trim on shirt pockets, as wella s back and front body pleats.

Made for most double needle machines.

Face goods may be in pieces or rolls - lining must be in rolls. Several pleat styles are available.

No. 227
Multi-needle Pleat Gauge
Multi-needle pleat gauge
12 Needle 3/16" Gauge Overlap

Imperial multi-needle pleat gauges for tuxedo front shirts - both men's and ladies'.

Several pleat types are available, including exposed and covered types illustrated above.

Attachments available for Union Special 54400 (type 401 stitch) machines or 52 Class (type 101 stitch) machine.

Exact finish size and samples are required. Please Submit Samples with Order.

Both Union Special 54400 and Imperial 52 Class machines also available.