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Fold n' Nest Trucks

Z-105 Fold n' Nest Shelf Truck

The "Z"-105 will transport large quantities of folded or packaged merchandise quickly and easily with its big, 20" x 60" shelves. Available as a 3 or 4 shelf unit, all shelves fold simultaneously which allows you to nest multiple units when not in use, saving valuable floor space. Also available in 3' or 4' lengths for stores with limited aisle space.

Z232 Fold & Nest Platform Truck

The Astex Z232 Fold & Nest Platform Truck incorporates a versatility and durability of a durable platform truck for hauling all types of goods and products, with the space-saving flexibility of Astechnologies patented "Z" frame construction, which allows trucks to be nested in just inches of additional floor space when the platform of the truck is raised for storage.

Z192 Z Stak-a-Truck

The folding shelves and patented "Z" frame allows for nesting when not in use. This rugged all welded truck is great for warehouses, factories and any other facilities where space is a premimum. This truck collapses for backhaul savings on your delivery trucks.