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Building Products Transporters

The Model #193 Wallboard Truck is a "cut above" standard industry design. Heavy duty square tubing fram and a full 12" deck will transport 1,500 lbs. (5" Casters) or 4,000 lbs. (8" Casters) of wallboard, plywood, or paneling, easily and safely.

  • Standard Finish: Gray, orange, yellow or blue
  • All steel construction
  • Dimensions: 48" H x 48"L x 36"W
  • Weight: 79 lbs. Shipped Assembled

Model #193

Model #191 Lumber Cart

The Model #191 Lumber Cart transports plywood, drywall, cut lumber, pipe or paneling up to 10 feet long and 2000 lbs. with ease. "Diamond" pattern casters allows this truck to turn on its own radius

  • All-welded steel construction
  • Standard finish: gray, orange, yellow, or blue
  • Dimensions: 38"H x 72" L x 26" W
  • Weight: 129 lbs., Shipped assembled