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Heat Transfer Machines and Accessories
Dye Sublimation Printing Package

The total solution package is a digital printing transfer system that provides a turn-key solution for large format and commercial applications.

Package Includes
Wasatch SoftRip TX
Sawgrass Sublimation Inks
Astex Heat Transfer Presses
Epson Large Format Printers
Available Options:
Inkjet Dryer
Heat Transfer Paper Rolls
Bulk Ink System

Accessories for Heat Transfer Machines

Heat Transfer Machines

Heat Transfer Press Welder
  • Welding Guns
  • Temperature Strips
Heat Transfer Press Offer a wide range of platen and rotary heat transfer equipment to fit your every production need.
Fusing & Laminating Machines & Accessories

Fusing Machines

Laminating Systems

Laminating Machines

Fusing Press
The world's most complete line of fusing machines.

Accessories for Fusing Machines

Unwinds & Rewinds
  • Welding Guns
  • Belt Cleaners
  • Temperature Strips
Unwinds and rewinds systems for continuous laminating fusing applications. Roll to Roll fusing/laminating setup available online.
Inspection, Measuring and Materials Handling Equipment

Inspection and Measuring Machines

Storage Devices / Materials Handling Eqp.

Designed in order to prevent problems and cost increases that may arise in sewing departments of apparel industry due to production faults in the fabric.

Roll Trucks

Folders & Attachments for Sewing Machines

What do you Produce?

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Blue Jeans
Windows Shade Hemmers
Collars & Cuffs
Projection Screens
So-Fast Spot Elastic Attachment

So-Fast Drawstring Inserter

Guillotine Type Cutters & Winding Equipment

Heavy Duty So-Fast Scissor Cutters

Wind-All Equipment


So-Fast & Hoffee cutters can be used to cut heavy binding, thread, elastic, leather, zipper chains, etc. thus eliminating the costly and time consuming manual cut apart operation.

Our complete line of Wind-All equipment is for automatic sewing machine operations.

  • Winders, Pullers, Unwinders, Tape Reels
  • Binding Reels Puller Rollers, Measuring Machines
  • Tensionless Unwinders, Variable Speed Reducers
  • Elastic Metering Devices,Lace Stands - Spool Stands
  • Hi- Automatic Motor Stands, Self-Centering Cone Bearings
Remanufactured Apparel Machinery

Choose from:

Refurbished Pressing Equipment

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