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Tunnel Elastic Hemmer (Downturn)

  • Material envelopes elastic in one sewing operation resulting in clean finish.
  • Elastic is stitched all the way eliminating tacking.
  • Built-in elastic tension adjustment for desired amount of gathering.
  • Made for elastic 1/4" and up.
  • Recommended for chain stitch machines.
  • State make and style number of machine and enclose samples when ordering.


Elastic Hemmer

Elastic Tunnel Hemmer

Tunnel Elastic Hemmer

State Make, style #, and needle
gauge of Machine Used

Used for elastic hemming when the elastic is 3/4 inch or wider. To order send sample elastic, materials and sample of operation.

A friction Style Tension is provided, unless you advise us that a metering device is used. Please state style wanted.