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  Top Products Wind-All Complete Set of Controls for Automatic Sewing

Complete Set of Wind-All Controls
For Automatic Sewing Operations

#TR-1 & TR-2
#TR-2 Transformer (220 Volt to 24 Volt)
#TR-1 Transformer (110 Volt to 24 Volt)


#TEB-4 - Terminal Block

Long Ribbon Stop
#RSM-1 3" Long Ribbon Stop
#PB-2 - Push Button Start

Foot Motor Control Assembly
#B32 - Foot Motor Control Assembly

For any make of cluch or transmitter. Can be controlled electrically or manually. Could be used in place of a treadle. Takes the strain off the operator's foot on steady runs.

A slight pressure engages the clutch and starts the machines. A touch of the release level stops the machines.

#MSS-4 - Thread stop

8" Long Material Stop
#RSM-3 8" Long Material Stop

12" Material Stop

#RSM-3 12" Long Material Stop

#Sew 36-B Complete Contact
#Sew 36-B Material Stop
When ordering parts, or complete kits, it is important that machine type and materials, as they are to be used in production, are included with purchase order.