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  Top Products Wind-All Roll-to-Roll Fusing/Laminating Setup


Typical Setup with Model #A125 and #A210

The picture below represents the typical setup for high production roll to roll fusing or laminating using an Astex high production fusing/laminating machine, a #124 Cloth Unwind Truck and a #210 Rewind Device with Air Clutch.

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Click for Astex #125 Cloth Unwind Truck
Click for Astex 6800 Fusing Machine Click For Astex 9000 Fusing Machine
Click for #210 Rewind Device with Air Clutch
Shot below shows complete roll-to-roll fusing setup with winder in the background and fusing machine in the front. Demonstration Video Available.

Figure 1.0
Shows two operators unloading a fabric roll using the Astex 125 Cloth Unwind Truck

Figure 1.1
Shows the Astex 210 Rewind Device which is located at the front of the machine.