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  Top Products Wind-All Measuring Machine
Model B1SP & B1SH

Measuring Machine

Application: Will measure LACES, ELASTICS, TRIMMINGS, CORDINGS, and all other narrow fabrics.

Model #B1SP: Electrically Operated

Model #B1SP: Electrically Operated

 Optional Features:

  • Automatic Stops
  • Pre-Determined Counters
  • Can be setup up to measure materials up to 12" in widths


  • Adjustable Stands for desired heights.
  • Quick reset counter.
  • Measurement in Yards, Feet, Inches, Meters (Please specify when ordering)
  • Will Subtract in Reverse
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Equipped with Spool Holders for most size spools
Model #B1SH: Manually Operated
Model #B1SH: Manually Operated
Model #B1SP comes equipped with 1 Phase 110 Volt Clutch Motor Can be Ordered with 3 Phase Motor at additional cost