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  Top Products Wind-All Automatic Spaghetti Sewing
Shown On : Union Special 56300G

Equipment For

Automatic Spaghetti Sewing


1. Front Mounted WIND-ALL 3-Roll Puller Model #206
  1. Variable speed control for perfect stitch selection.
  2. Rollers mounted in a straight line for a stronger and positive pull. Easier threading of material.
  3. Puller is equipped with Oilite bearings.
  4. Separate gear control.
  5. All Parts Oxidized.
  6. Puller is mounted on heavy aluminum plate, making installation easier.
  1. High Stand (Adjustable).
  2. #2R Motor Control Assembly
  3. Push Button Stop for Manual Control
  4. #RSM-2 Material Stop
  5. #MSS-4 Needle Thread Stop
  6. #MSS-6 Looper Thread Stop.
  7. #B18 Clamp Type Adjustable Binding Holder
  8. #57 Pulley Wheel Adapter
Above Unit Can Be Adapted to Other Type Macines