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  Top Products Wind-All Equipment

Wind-All Equipment
for Automatic Sewing Operations


Complete Line of:

Division of Jesse J. Heap & Son Inc.
  • Wesco Automatic Stop Motion Devices
  • Wesco Motor Controls
  • Material, Ribbon, Zipper, Cord, Thread Stops & Multi-needle Thread Stops
  • Winders for fabric
  • Pullers
  • Spool Winders
  • Unwinders
  • Tape Reels
  • Binding Reels
  • Puller Rollers
  • Narrow Fabric Measuring Machines
  • Tensionless Unwinders
  • Variable Speed Reducers
  • Elastic Metering Devices
  • Lace Stand - Spool Stands
  • Hi-Automatic Motor Stands
  • Automatic Sewing Setups
  • Self Centering Cone Bearings
  • Ribbed Cones
  • Ball-bearing Ribbed Cones

Automatic Flag Striping
Used for sewing multiple flag stripes
Wind-All Blocking Machine

Model A4
Card Winder

Model A5
Spool to Card Combination Winder
Plastic Cards Available for #A4 Plastic Cards Available for #A5
Model A6
Traversing Rewinder
Model A18
Skein/Hank Unwinder
Model A20
Ball Bearing Automatic Back Winder
Model A20W
Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Back Winder
Model A21
Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Winder
Model A22
Portable Electric Spool Winder
Model A23
Card Winder
Model A24
Automatic Material Feeder and Unwinder
Model A25
Ball Bearing (Card) Lace Unwinder
Model A28
Portable Rewinder
Model A35
Deluxe Portable Electric Ball Bearing Spool Winder
Model A37
Tension Controlled Unwinder
Model A44
Winding & Measuring Machine
Model A46
Spool Winder
Model A48
Hand Portable Card Winder
Model A49
Adjustable Hanking Machine
Model A50
(Geared Motor) variable Speed Portable Card Winder
Model A51
Hand Skeiner and Hanker
Plastic Cards Available for A50
Model A53
Automatic Electric Card or Reel Winder
Model A52
Heavy Duty Electric Card Winder
Plastic Cards Available for A53 Plastic Cards Available for A52
Model A125
Cloth Unwinding Truck
Model A210
Wind-all Heavy Duty Universal Rewinder

Model B1SP & B1SH
Measuring Machine

Model B24
Rolled Goods Unwinder
Model #207
Heavy Duty Wind-All Puller
Model #211
Variable Speed Puller for Multi-Needle and other type Machines.
Automatic Spaghetti Sewing
Shown on Union Special 56300JZ
Automatic Pleated Waistband Sewing
Shown on Union Special 56300G
Automatic Plain Waistband
Shown on Union Special 56300GZ
Automatic Curtain Barrel Hemming
Shown on Union Special 56300JZ

Model #2R
Motor Control Assembly

Replacement parts for Motor Controller #2R

Model #6
Motor Control Assembly

Replacement parts for Motor Controller #6

Various Models
Cloth Pullers

Replacement parts for cloth pullers

Winding Machine
Rewinds material from flat fold or rolls. The unit comes standard with top and bottom pressure rollers.
Additional Replacement Parts
Knurled cones, Ribbed cones, Cone Bearings, Shafl Collars, Rod Connectors, Table Clamps, Hubs, Thumb screws, pressure springs

Aluminum Discs
Accessories for Wind-All

Wind-all Complete Kit
Wind-all Controls - Complete Set
Complete set of controls for Automatic Sewing Operations
High Stand Legs
Pressed Steel Legs for automatic sewing machines and work benches, etc.

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