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Unwind and Rewind Equipment


Our unwind/rewind systems can supply material to AIT/Astex line of heat transfer, fusing or laminating equipment.

Rewinders and Unwinders are typically used in fusing/laminating applications.

Unwind/Rewind Model 210

AIT/Astex Model 210
Unwind/Rewind System

Most Versatile rewind system designed for contract fusing applications where edge guide is not imperative. Equipped with pneumatic tension control and variable speed control. Typically used in roll-to-roll fusing applications.

Astex Model TE210: Unwind/Rewind System

AIT/Astex Model TE210
Unwind/Rewind System

Most popular Astex unwind/rewind system. Controls tension and eliminates scoping of the rolls using a fiber optic edge guide control.

Astex Model PR220: Rewind System

AIT/Astex Model PR220
Rewind System

Designed specifically for the Embroidery Industry to Automatically separate release paper from film laminates. Rewinding fabric/film and release paper onto separate cores, continuously.

Astex Model 201: Rewind System

AIT/Astex Model 201
Rewind System

An independent, machine mounted, rewind with tensioning and speed control. Ideal for take-up of waistbands, hat bands, etc...

AIT/Astex Model TE230
Unwind System

Specifically designed to pay-off two adhesives and one fabric. Also incorporates dancer arm tensioning with fiber optic edge guide control to insure accurate material handling.

Astex Model 230: Unwind System

AIT/Astex Model 230
Unwind System

Designed for the Embroidery Industry to pay-off fabric, film and buckrum in a continuous laminating application. Can be utilized for a wide variety of flesible substrates.

Astex Model 200 Unwind System

AIT/Astex Model 200
Unwind System

An independent, machine mounted, unwind ideal for the continuous fusing of waistbands, hat band, etc. Can be configured with up to 4 spools.


AIT/Astex Model 250
Unwind System

Designed for the pay-off of 3 substrates and 2 adhesives used in the construction of industrial laminates. Both fabric unwinds are surface driven in conjunction with M-drives to insure tension-free handling prior to laminating.