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Spot Elastic Attachment

Elastic Waistbanding Attachment
Air Operated
No. 3500F

For OPEN and COVERED Elastic

This attachment creates an elastic waist on pajamas, boxer shorts, play cothes, dungarees, and similar garments.

Both open and closed garments may be elasticized.

Click for typical setup of attachment.

Programmed controller

View our how to video on inserting elastic waistband using our inserter

No. 3500F-1 Open Elastic

No. 3500F-2 Covered Elastic

  • Insert and meter elastic automatically
  • Cut and re-insert automatically
  • Operator does not handle elastic
  • Make side spot and half elastic waistbands


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Covered Elastic Attachment
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Elasticizing Folder for Premaking Waistbands and Cuffs

So-Fast & Konsan Cutters

For heavy-duty cutting operations, J. J. Heap & Son offers several industrial So-Fast, Konsan & Guillotine Type Cutters