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Waistbander with intermittent elastication

Elastic Waistbanding Attachment
Air Operated
No. 3600F

Top & Bottom Covered Elastic

So-fast example w/ Programmed Controller

#3600 So-Fast Spot Elastic Attachment for two-piece elastic bands.

Model mounted on Singer 300W Sewing Head with Puller

Program Control

Programmed Controller
(Mounts Under Table )

Spot Elastic Video Demonstration

Elastic WaistBander
This picture illustrates one of the applications of the So-Fast Spot Elastic Attachment

No. 3600F: Top & Bottom Covered Elastic
No. 3600F: Top & Bottom Covered Elastic



So-Fast Spot Elastic

Lower Detail of #3600 So-Fast Elasticating Unit


Waistband Curtain Pressing Attachment
Astex Model 5200SC - Fusing Machine
Covered Elastic Attachment
Astex Model 6800 - Fusing Machine
Elasticizing Folder for Premaking Waistbands and Cuffs

So-Fast & Konsan Cutters

For heavy-duty cutting operations, J. J. Heap & Son offers several industrial So-Fast, Konsan & Guillotine Type Cutters