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  Top Products Spot Elastic Attachment

Spot-Elastic Attachments

Elastic Waistbanding Attachment

Model 3600F
(Air Operated)
Top & Bottom Covered Elastic

Specifically designed for waistbanding coveralls. The elastic can be started and cut anywhere within the band, as it is under the operator's control.

Model 3500F
(Air Operated)
Open and Covered Elastic

This attachment creates an elastic waist on Pajamas, Boxer Shorts, Play Clothes, Dungarees and similar garments.

Model 3500M
(Semi Automatic)

Lower cost semi-automatic version of the 3500F.


So-Fast DrawString Inserters


Model 4900
DrawString Inserter

For quick insertion of drawstrings using foot pedal.


Model 4950
(Air Assisted)
Drawstring Inserter

For quick insertion of drawstrings with air assistance.



Heavy Duty Air Cutters

So-Fast & Konsan Cutters

For heavy-duty cutting operations, J. J. Heap & Son offers several industrial So-Fast, Konsan & Guillotine Type Cutters