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  Top Products So-Fast Draw String Draw String Inserter Manual & Air

Draw String Inserter

No. 4900


No. 4950

(Air Assisted)



In operation, the garment holding blocks are brought together, either by use of a foot pedal (#4900) or by air power (#4950), and the garment placed over them.


  1. Bring the garment holding blocks together.

  2. The holding blocks now separate and stretch the garment.

  3. The threader is inserted through the opening and pushed completely around the garment and back out the opening.

  4. Slip the drawstring on the threads and pull through the garment.

  5. Bring the holding blocks back together and remove the threaded garment.

    By changing the holding blocks various types of garments may be threaded.

To order send a sample garment, showing the needle guage to be used, and a drawstring. We will supply the proper holding blocks and threader.

Operating Instructions

Click here to view the simple drawstring operation guide.

Proper garment holding blocks, and threaders are supplised according to your needs.

Two size blocks for children's garments

Pictured Above:

Candestick blocks for blouson style garments



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