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  Top Products Heavy Duty Cutters Model 5100 Installation

So-Fast Installation & Maintenance

Installation Instructions for So-Fast #5100 Scissor Cutter

Please follow these instructions carefully

  1. Remove two allen screws holding the blade guard. Remove Guard.
  2. Remove the nut and bold which fastens the rod end bearing to the upper bracket
  3. Pivot the cylinder up exposing the holes in the cutter base.
  4. Position the cutter and 'spot drill' through holes in cutter base
  5. Drill and tap mounting holdes. We suggest using a #21 drill and a 10:32 tap. Use 10:32 socket head cap screws to fasten the cutter to the bed plate.

Be careful not to nick or damage blades during installation. To adjust the stroke of the blane, the rod end bearing may be turned in or out. Loosen the locking half nut on the rod end bearing and turn the bearing only 1/2 a turn at a time and test for proper stroke.

We generally set the top blade so that it 'bottoms out' where it is half way down the lower blade. Please take care not to make the throw so long that the top blade bottoms out on its mounting surface. This will significantly decrease the life of the blade.

Maintenance Tips for So-Fast #5100 Scissor Cutter

  • A good quality machine oil should be applied to the bushing and dowel pin periodically
  • THe cylinder should be lucbricated by placing a few drops of light machine oil in the air line. Clean, dry air will also enhance the life of the cylinder considerably.
  • Please inspect the blades periodically for damag. Large nicks and gouges in the blades make resharpening difficult. Jesse Heap & Son will reshparen blades at a reasonable charge.
  • We suggest keeping an extra set of blades in stock for rotation when sharpening is required.
So-fast installation Diagram
Saftey Warning for Cutter Knee Switch for So-Fast Cutter


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