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  Top Products Heavy Duty Air Cutters

Heavy Duty So-Fast & Konsan Cutters

Our cutters are typically used behind the presser foot of industrial sewing machines to cut apart garments sewn off in a chain. They are also used for small run length cutting.
Models are available for cuts from 1" to 10".

Model 5100 [Español]
Automatic Air Cutter

For heavy duty chain cutting you need the So-Fast No. 5100 scissors type cutter. Our No. 5100's are quick acting, multi-use, air powered scissor cutters. Models are available in 1", 2" or 3" blade widths.

The So-Fast cutter can be used to cut heavy binding, thread, elastic, leather, zipper chains, etc. thus eliminating the costly and time consuming manual cut apart operation. All blades and parts are interchangeable on the same base.

Replacement Parts for So-fast Cutters are available.

Model 5000 [Español]
So-Fast Impact Cutter (Head Mounted)

Air operated cutter used to cut thread, piping, bindings, tapes, etc.

Head mounting allows for positive striking action and cleaner cuts of tapes, bindings, thread, etc.

Konsan Cutter


Cutt-Off Machine

The Konsan Cut-Off Machine, that is designed and produced by Konsan, is an ideal machine for cutting manually spread marker ends at a rigth angle to the long edge without waste

Air Cutter [Español]
Hoffee Air Cutter (Scissor Type)

For operations requiring cutting of extra heavy trim or sewn parts. The Hoffee cutter mounts right behind the presser foot or can be set up for off sewing machine use.

Replacement Parts for Hoffee cutters are available.

Unsure if our cutters will be able to cut your material? Send us a sample of your material and we'll test it at our warehouse in Irvington, NJ.



So-Fast Spot Elastic Attachment

This attachment creates an elastic waist on pajamas, boxer shorts, play cothes, dungarees, and similar garments. Both open and closed garments may be elasticized.

So-fast Drawstring Inserter

For quick insertion of drawstrings using either a foot pedal or air power.