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Hoffee Electric Cutters

Scissor Type - Cut Apart or Cut To Length

This model is solenoid operated (needs no air). For cutting tapes, binding, elastic, lace, etc.


  • Units are available with blade widths from 1" to 5".
  • Both 110 volt and 220 volt single phase units available.
  • Blades guarded with a clear lexan housing for operator safety and acceptance. No cutter can be shipped without a guard.

Hoffee Electric Cutter

Hoffee Electric Cutter

Electric Models*

Hoffee Electric Cutter Mounted Behind U.S. OverLock

Hoffee Electric Cutter Mounted Behind U.S. Overlock

Model No. ES-1 Model No. ES-2
Model No. ES-3 Model No. ES-4
Model No. ES-5
*Each model cuts up to the width in inches indicated by the suffix in its designated model number. For example: Model ES-1 cuts to 1".

Overlock Side View

Overlock Side View

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