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Hoffee Automatic Air Cutters

Heavy Duty Scissor Type Cutters for fabric

For operations requiring cutting of extra heavy trim or sewn parts. The Hoffee cutter mounts right behind the presser foot or can be set up for off sewing machine use.

CUT APART OR CUT TO LENGTH make cuts up to 10" wide!

Hoffee Air Cutters

Hoffee Air Cutter shown with Guard

Models available with blade widths from 4" to 10"


  • Easy in plant installation
  • Each air unit supplied with its own filter/lubricator/regulator and knee, palm or foot switch.
  • Blades guarded with a clear lexan housing for operator safety and acceptance. No cutter can be shipped without a guard.

Hoffee Air Cutters

Air Cutter shown cutting Polypropylen twine

Special OSHA approved foot switch also shown

Hoffee Cutter

Hoffee Cutter Set Up for Length Cutting


Heavy Duty Models*

Model No. AV-4 HD Model No. AV-6 HD
Model No. AV-5 HD Model No. AV-7 HD
Model No. AV-8 HD Model No. AV-10 HD

Model No. AV-9 HD

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