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VaporPress - ESP Systems Unit

(Sleeve-Shoulder Finisher)

Rebuilt and Refurbished Machinery
(Actual Finisher Pictured Below)

Automated Sleeve-Shoulder Finisher

Pressing Stations are housed on a single base modul with sleeve pressing heads mounted on a carriage system.

Vaporpress/Veit ESP 400 Automated Sleeve-Shoulder Finisher with Armhole Creasing for Ladies Coats and Jackets

The Vaporpress/Veit ESP400 Automated Sleeve-Shoulder Finisher was designed for high quality finishing and blocking of the entire sleeve (including the sleeve head, seams, and cuffs), shoulder finishing and armhole creasing of women's coats and jackets.

A consistently perfect press can be achieved while utlizing unskilled operators. One operatore can press up to 600 garments per eight hour day.

The Sleeve-Shoulder Finisher is microprocessor controlled with up to eight programs stored in memory. A very economical unit to operate, minimal floor space and utlities are required

Sleeve-Shoulder Finisher Specifications

Steam Connections:
Steam Inlet: 1/2"
Condensate Rtn: 1/2"

80 PSI to 100 PSI
5.5 Bar to 7.0 Bar

Traps & Check Valves incl.
Compressed Air:
Air Inlet: 1/2"

90 PSI to 100 PSI
5.5 Bar to 7.0 Bar

Consumption: 6 CFM

220V. 1 Phase
50/60 Cycle

Max Loading: 13 amp
Inlet: 2 1/2"


Rebuilt Sleeve-Shoulder Finisher

Vaporpress/Viet Automated Sleeve-Shoulder Finisher

Additional Features and Advantages

  • Alignment Spotlights
  • Variable Pressure Pressing Heads
  • Head Safety Guards
  • Flexing Front and Rear Shoulder Pressing Head (Prevent Stretching
  • Microprocessor 12 Channels, 8 Programs
  • Steam Heated Shapes
  • Front and Rear Draping
  • Armhole Crease Plate
  • Sleeve Forms Complete with:
    - Rear Expansion
    - Steam Spray
    - Air Blowing
    - Vacuum
  • Pedal Deck Complete with:
    - Manual/Auto Pedals