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VaporPress Rotor Cabinet

(Garment Finisher)

For pressing and dewrinkling
jackets, blouses, and dresses

Rebuilt and Reburished Machinery

Pants topper attachment also available. Pants Topper
Hand Operated Pants Topper
Children's Form

Children's Form

Standard Form

Standard Form

Rotor Cabinet Specifications

Weight 195 Kg
Steam Connections:
Steam Inlet: 3/4"
Condensate Rtn: 1/2"

80 PSI to 90 PSI

Compressed Air:
Air Inlet: 1/2"

80 PSI

Consumption: 1.5 CFM

220 Volt / 3 Phase

Garment Finisher Vaporpress Rotor Press

VaporPress Rotor Cabinet
The Ultimate Garment Finisher

The ultimate in form finishing, Rotor cabinet is a flexible system that can be used as a double form finisher, pants topper/jacketfinisher or a mini tunnel. All components are easily interchangeable to create any of these system.

The rotor cabinet is more productive and versatile than a Suzi and hangar bars are available for blouses and dresses.