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For pleating aprons, skirts, dresses, etc. and for pleating and stitching on strips of trimming in one operation

Popular choice of Prize Ribbon Manufacturers, Lamp Shade Manufactuers, and Trade Show Table Shirting & Trimming.

Boxed Pleater

Special Features

Makes single, double or triple box pleats or ruffles 1/8"-5/8" deep in strips up to 2-1/4" wide. Nine pleating cams are available. Has knee lifter.


Box Pleating Machine 31-37

  • Large Working Space - 10 1/4 inches to right of needle
  • Convenient stitch regulator - For quick adjustment of stitch length.
  • Automatic Thread Tension Release when presser foot is raised to full height. This allows operator to remove work without distoring or straining it.
  • Drop Feed assues presser foot with slight knee pressure, leaves operator's hands free
  • Oscillating Shuttle - Oscillates vertically around removable bobbin case, carrying the easily accessible bobbin.
  • Traditional Singer Dependability - Skillfully engineered for less down time, longer wear.
  • Pleating Machine Parts Available

Machine 31-37 accomplishes work samples illustrated for CAMS 1-9. Machines 31-63 accomplishes some work samples as well as those illustrated in CAM 10.


[Cam 1]
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[Cam 2]
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[Cam 3]
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[Cam 4]
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[Cam 5]
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[Cam 6]
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[Cam 7]
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[Cam 8]
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[Cam 9]
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[Cam 10]
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