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Lever 500
  • Will handle up to 14” diameter roll
  • Shaft length –85”- (distance from chuck face to shaft support)
  • Spray mist system
  • 4 speed gear box for knife
  • Standard external 4 pin chuck
  • 220 volt 3 phase
  • Locked knife for material requiring it
  • Attached grindstone and diamond dressing tool with separate motor.
  • Adjustable automatic dwell time control
  • Separate reversible heavy duty chuck drive with variable speed
  • Clear polycarbonate knife guard automatically stops machine when
  • Machine equipped with both automatic and manual mode setting

Completely enclosed easy-to-adjust spacer can be set to ultra-fine tolerances. Knife carraige locked into pre-set spacing with electro-magnetic brakes that will not slip or cause wear on rails. Instant change from automatic to semi-automatic or manual operation. For rolls up to 14" outside diameter.