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Mark II Heat Transfer Machine

Rebuilt Heat Transfer Printing Press

  • Print on cloth, sweaters, shirts, lingerie, flags, etc.
  • Ideal for use in dye-sublimation printing with Sawgrass Sublijet Inks.
  • Print or fuse all types of fabrics in 30 seconds or less.
Model Platen Size Weight Volt Amp
158 A 24" x 54" 950 lbs 220 35

Actual machine not pictured. Every one of our rebuilt machines goes through a complete repair and testing process before shipment.

Details of the remanufacturing process available online.

Actual machine not pictured. All rebuilt machines go through an extensive rebuilding process including replacement belts, electrical packages and any worn or broken parts.

Mark II Heat Transfer Machine

MARK II 158A Heat Transfer Machines