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Astex 7960 Heat Transfer Machine

Continuous Heat Transfer Printing Machine

This refurbished Astex 7960 Heat Press machine is capable of printing 60" wide making it ideal for small run roll to roll and sheet feed of large and small individual parts:

  • Flags
  • Banners
  • Sports Based Apparel
  • Textiles
  • Cut Apparel Parts

Every one of our rebuilt machines goes through a complete repair and testing process before shipment.


Heat Transfer Press

Front view of 7960 Heat Transfer Press equipped with Roll


  • 12" Dia. (30 cm) Heated Drum
  • Digital Heat Control
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Automatic Cool Down Timer
  • Safety Shut-Off Device for Long Belt Life
  • Endless, easy On/Off Belt System
  • Floor Support Stand Included
  • Automatic Belt Tracking
  • Unwind w/ Tension Control
  • Load/Unload Tables



  • Quality Printing With Minimal Investment
  • No Restrictions on Length of Printed Paper
Model Belt Width Width Machine Length Height Print Width Air Amps Draw @ 220/3/60 Net Weight
7960 64" 101' 122" 73" 60" 1 CFM 71 1200 LBS