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Rebuilt Astex 9048 Fusing System

(Model #9048 - 48" Belt Width)

Rebuilt Astex 9000 series also available with 60 inch belt width

The Ultimate Continuous Fusing System

The "Challenger" 9000 Series is the ultimate fusing and laminating system in the world. Originally designed for the tailored clothing industry, the Challenger is currently used in a variety of apparel and industrial laminating applications. The ultimate in the control of time, temperature, and pressure is achieved through the longest contact heat chamber available, seven zone temperature control, and tandem pressure rollers.


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Model Belt Width Width Length Length Belt Speed Ft./min. Air Pressure PSI Air Consumption Electrical 220/3/60 AMPS Draw Net Weight
9048 48
(122 cm)
(168 cm)
(518 cm)
(133 cm)
0-40 100 7.0 CF/M 70 4200