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Rebuilt Astex 6536 Fusing Machine

(Model #6536 - 36" belt width)

Model 6536
Belt Width 36"
Width 56.5"
Length 174"
Height 49.5"
Belt Speed Ft./min. 0-40
Air Pressure PSI 100
Air Consumption 2.0
Electrical 220/3/60 AMPS Draw 50
Net Weight 1840 lbs.

High Production Sportswear Fusing System

Designed specifically for the special economic and production demands of sportswear industry. The combination of alternate top and bottom heating channels and shorter heated length protects even the most delicate fabrics, while producing high quality fused parts. The ability to run six second dwell times is unmatched in the industry.

Standard Equipment

  • Actual Value Digital Temperature Indicators (Top & Bottom)
  • Precision Solid State Heat Controllers (Top & Bottom)
  • Set Point Hi-Lo Temperature Alarms
  • Rapid Response, High Reserve Heaters
  • Top & Bottom Belt Cleaning Systems


  • Low RPM Rotary Top Belt Strip-Off
  • Automatic Preset Cooldown Timer
  • Solid State Variable Speed Drive
  • Tamper Proof Thermostats
  • Temperature Probe Monitors
  • Pneumatic Pressure Control
  • Multiple Safety Systems.