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Table Top Platen Fusing & Heat Press

Astex 162/354

Astex 162 & 354

75 Years experience rebuilding apparel machinery.
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(Both Front and Side Load Models Available)

Side Load Tray Version of Heat Press 162/354

This Versatile Machine is ideal for

  • Fusing
  • Film Laminating
  • Heat Transfer

Side View
Side View
Side Load Tray Version
Front View

Astex 162-354 Video

Astex 162-354 Demonstration


Table Top Platen Fusing/Transfer Printing Machine

This general purpose platen press is standard with top heat and is ideal for fusing, transfer printing and film laminating. Equipped with a preset timer, the heated platen automatically releases as the dwell time expires.

Platen pressure is easily adjusted with a regulator while the appropriate temperatures are maintained with a solid-state thermostat. The reciprocating tray system doubles productivity by providing a loading tray while the original is cycling. The Slide-O-Mat is easy to install and operate with few moving parts resulting in a virtually maintenance-free machine.



  • Electrically Heated Platen
  • Solid State Timer
  • Floating Head for Even Pressure
  • Solid State Temperature Control
  • Adjustable Pressure
  • Side Load Tray System


  • Perfect Fusing - Through precise Control of Temperature, Time and Pressure
  • Slid Tray Permits Loading and Unloading while Fusing Cycle Underway
  • Few Moving parts Results in Nominal Maintenance
  • Easy to Install and Operate
Model Platen Size Machine Width (side view) Machine Length (Side View) Machine Width(Front View) Machine Length (Front View) Machine Height (Front View) AMPS @ 220/3/60 Net Weight lbs.
162 24" x 36" 36" 80" 104" 45" 36" 18 500 lbs - 227kg.